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Thai Garden Rub

(Pork Loin Style)

Thai Garden_pork loin.jpg

My oh my, was this amazing!  Check out the bark on this pork loin using Dips n' Such Thai Garden dip mix.  We mixed the contents of the dry dip mix with a bit of vegetable oil and let it set for about 30 minutes.  Since the dry dip mix contains dehydrated onion, carrots and other spices it is necessary to put the moisture back into the contents before cooking so the dry pieces will not burn.  We coated the outside of a pork loin and cooked it on the pellet grill.  No other seasoning was used

Rajin Cajun_firecrackers.jpg
Strawberry Pie_20.04.27.jpg
Spicy Cucumbers_Rajin Cajun.jpg
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