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About Dips n' Such

I have always loved the vibe of farmers markets and festivals.  I love what they represent as a gathering of people who love and appreciate the hand-crafted wares of local makers, bakers and creators.


I entered the market scene by crafting crystal suncatchers, jewelry and various items out of wine corks. While they are beautiful, you can only have so many suncatchers and my profit level wasn’t where I had hoped it would be. When vending at events, there is time to look around and see how other vendors are doing. It was easy to see that something consumable held the potential for me to turn a profit.


My inspiration started when a friend of mine suggested seasoning packets containing dried herbs and spices. When combined with mayonnaise and sour cream, this created dips and sandwich spreads. This seemed like a good idea, so I looked into purchasing packets that were already prepared and that I could put my label on. I found the packets and off I went.


I enjoyed peddling the spice packets but felt uncomfortable with the questions. Do you make these? Where do you get your spices from? What is your process when mixing the packets? What is the sodium content? I couldn’t provide an answer for these questions about the packets because I wasn’t directly involved in the manufacturing process.  


My solution to this was to blend the packets myself in my home kitchen. I have really enjoyed this opportunity to learn about different flavor profiles and combining the unusual. Most of which have been successful and some, well not so much. But with each unsuccessful combination comes a way to improve my flavors into what you see today.


I chose the name Dips n’ Such because you can use the packages for so much more than just making dips and sandwich spreads.  You can incorporate them in your everyday cooking.  I love it when people pass along cooking tips that they have used my blends for.


And here I am today.  I just opened a small storefront with a commercial kitchen in the rear where I create my blends. I can’t wait to see how this next step will help Dips n’ Such grow.

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